Personal Protection

We provide personal security services for those in need of protection beyond what local law enforcement can provide them.  Services can be one-time, intermittent, or long-term.  Contact for details.

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

Let our experts in active shooter avoidance provide you a comprehensive assessment and plan to fulfill your obligation of securing a safe environment for employees and customers.  

Risk Assessment

Our qualified personnel will do a thorough assessment of your residence or business and provide guidance on how to harden your home or business property against theft and invasions.  Basic packages start at $499.00 for home and $999.00 for businesses.  Call for custom pricing options. 

Self-Defense Training System

Attend one of our classes or schedule private on-site sessions to learn a no nonsense self-defense approach to protect yourself and loved ones. Our goal is to prepare you to survive if you are ever faced with a violent attack. Training classes Includes but are not limited to, firearms training, hand-to-hand training, edged weapons training, counter ambush driving, house and building clearing, personal safety training and much more.  Call for details and pricing.